Fishing Closure: Brokaw to Wausau

Starting May 1st, there will be a temporary closure of all fishing on the Wisconsin River from the Cty WW bridge in Brokaw to the Wausau Hydro Dam. WPS will be doing significant repairs to the dam. The closure will last as long as the drawdown persists. If work is completed ahead of the schedule, the closure will be lifted. THIS CLOSURE DOES NOT AFFECT LAKE WAUSAU! Nor will it affect our tournament.

We will be documenting the drawdown through photographs. If fish rescues or other emergency conservation measures are required we will certainly assist the DNR. Watch our Instagram (@wausauareami), Facebook page (Wausau Area Muskies Inc) and blog for updates.

For further details or questions, contact our local DNR biologist Tim Parks at . The official announcement is below.

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