Sponsor Spotlight: B&N Custom Rods and Tackle

We are very happy to have B&N Customs on board as a sponsor of our Central Wisconsin Open Musky Tournament!

Originally founded as Fishall Lures in 2006 by Mike King, they developed the Talonz line of wood crankbaits. Bob and Nick Cox bought the company in 2017, renamed it B&N, and continue to build great baits! They’ve expanded beyond Talonz crankbaits and also produce spinnerbaits and bucktails. Furthermore, Bob and Nick are big supporters of Muskies Inc and active in their local chapter in Ohio.

This year they sent us (2) 4″ and (2) 5″ baits from their Rippin’ Shad line. These feature thru wire cedar construction with lexan lips and a tough epoxy finish. No need to fear these being 1 fish baits! Nick’s painting style is developing nicely, as evidenced by the brush jobs this school of shad sports. These will be appreciated by our anglers that target muskies on Green Bay as well as locally–they sent some great river colors!

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