Off Season Entertainment: Musky Podcasts

With ice settling over the north country, we are moving into the off season. So what is a musky angler to do? Listen to musky podcasts! At first I was surprised they exist, but they have for several years in fact. There are two in particular that I’d like to call attention to: the Fat A.Z. Musky Podcast and Back Lash Podcast.

Fat A.Z. Musky Podcast is the oldest (since July 2015!), most recorded (255 episodes and counting!) musky focused podcast I’ve found. Hosted by Andy Zomcik of Fat A.Z. Musky Products, and Todd Young and Vance Kaloz of Muddy Creek Fishing Guides, this show covers everything you can thing of related to musky fishing. Though they are based out of PA and NY and focus on that region, guests have appeared from all over musky country. Frequently guests are bait manufacturers, so if you’ve ever wondered about the process of creating a bait, there is a lot of information there. They also cover expo previews and recaps, tech talk, biology, tournaments, and of course fishing updates. This is a weekly podcast. I keep tuning in because I like getting information from outside of this area (WI and MN), allowing me to learn tips and techniques that aren’t common where I fish to give me a little edge. Andy, Todd, and Vance have a great, easy chemistry that lets banter and stories flow without seeming aimless. They are ardent supporters of Muskies Inc and big believers that together we can care for and improve our fisheries.

On the newer end of the spectrum, I would recommend the Back Lash Podcast. Debuting in May 2019, this podcast comes from two of the industry’s premier insiders. This show hosted by Jeff Widmann of Team Rhino Outdoors and Brad Hoppe of Musky Mayhem Tackle. The biggest strength of this weekly podcast (so far) is the parade of guests. Wisconsin guides such as Steve Genson, Jeff Van Remortel, Pete Rich, Bryan Schaeffer, Kevin Pischke and Todd Schulz, Minnesota guides such as John Holmgren, Matt Siefert, Ben Olsen, and Ryan McMahon, tv anglers Mike Keyes and Jim Saric, plus tackle makers, and more. You are sure to gain some insights from that bunch! Jeff and TRO do a lot to push musky related organizations (including ours) forward in order to strengthen our fisheries, so I would like to thank him for that.

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