Wisconsin Musky Expo Recap

Well, the 2020 show has ended so a little update is in order.

Friday was the longest line to get in I’ve ever seen there. I heard they set a record for Friday attendance, and judging from the traffic at our booth, I believe it! The line to get in at open on Saturday looked just as long, which is unusual. Apparently people are excited for this season! We were next to the Prime WATER Anglers booth again which is nice. Their president, Jeff Rautio is also a member of our club, and they do great work with youth fishing and access improvement in Portage County. The Lure Swap Saturday night was insane. We had double the space of past years, but very nearly filled it up yet with enough space for buyers to rotate. A number of guides showed up with gear to sell, a couple guys came over from the Twin Cities with a table full of new in box reels, a few guys came from the Fox Valley with loads of gear, and our club was out in full force. Deals were made, cash and baits changed hands. And as far as my records go, we set a record for donations, which will be put to good use by our Youth Programs. Sunday was not as busy but more steady than a normal Sunday, not the typical peaks and valleys. Apparel sold well, better than expected in fact, but we still have some items left for our April awards meeting and tournament.

Several new vendors were at this show. I had a chance to speak with Big Eye Baits, Musky Addicts, Super K Jigs, and Bull Moose Tackle before festivities wrapped. All were really happy and well received. Also, Titletown chapter made it over from Green Bay for the first time and operated a catch & release tips booth, with “sucker fishing” for the kids. Great job guys! Hope to see everyone back next year!

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